Understanding Learning and Self-Motivation - SURVEY

Open Date: 1 January 2019

Survey background information

Self-Directed Learning is a natural part of human growth and development in our early years. Yet there is considerable evidence demonstrating that for older children and adults, self-directed learning gives way to learning that is directed and dependent on outcomes, potentially creating resistance and dissatisfaction with the learning process.

Our research seeks to explore this phenomenon by first compiling some foundational data intended to guide further studies and contribute to available literature in the field of self-directed learning and motivation.

Our aims

We aim to use this new questionnaire to investigate self-motivation and learning in the general population. This will help us take this topic of research forward to the next stages where we can use the results to develop an appropriate framework for further studies on self-direction and learning. We believe beginning with a brief survey will contribute to the foundation of information needed to continue with more multidimensional activities.

We are seeking participants to complete this anonymous and confidential survey.

How to take part in our research

Clink on this link to complete the survey..