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Hooray us! We just applied for our first grant. What does a steaming pile of poo have going for it that makes it grant worthy, you ask? Well that steam means heat and if you can capture that heat, you’re off to a great start for creating a closed loop, zero waste heat system. We applied for the resources to build just exactly that for our chicken coops, greenhouses, and barn for next winter. Why not? We have the poop and bales of hay, with some other resources and effort, next winter we could be producing all the warmth we need without depending on electricity. Want to know more? Join us for a conversation on compost the first weekend in March. 

The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.” ~ Wendell Berry

Our Living Landscape is the embodiment of our relationship with the natural world. With almost 300 acres of forest, field, and cultivated landscape we are committed to research, education, and advocacy for regenerative practices within our environment. 

From regenerative forestry to active cultivation of vegetable, herb, and flower gardens and a vineyard, we are also paying special attention to the cultivation of native plant species, pollinator support, and soil regeneration.

Additionally, through The Living Landscape, LLR facilitates reconnection with nature and our individual ability to experience our sense of place within the larger eco-system of the natural world. 

As a society we continue to face ever-increasing mental health crises. We believe that by reconnecting with the earth and natural surroundings, not only from a survival perspective but also from a deep and soulful appreciation, we can begin to assuage the hurts of wider society and facilitate regenerative well-being for all. 


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