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We Facilitate Active Learning... 

At LLR we believe the best way to learn is to do...even in the digital world. Transformational change happens when individuals and communities have the opportunity to gather and apply new information. Through partnership with like-intended professionals and organizations, we provide both in-person and online forums designed to engage participants in multidimensional learning opportunities focused on the enhancement of health and well-being and the cultivation of resilience. 

Our courses and trainings are available to individuals, organizations, and institutions and can be adapted to meet institutional requirements as needed. 




Violence Prevention - Awareness and Action

At LifeWiseU we are justifiably proud of our ground-breaking and multidimensional Awareness and Action program, probably one of the most comprehensive and accessible online preparedness training of its kind in the United States. 

This violence prevention program has been created to help individuals and communities do as exactly as the name suggests; develop the skill of AWARENESS and then take appropriate and decisive ACTION in the prevention of violence.

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Cultivating the Characteristics of Resilience for Health and Well-Being

Human resilience is the ability to muster your inner resources in order to ‘bounce back’ from adversity. It is that almost indefinable quality that allows a person, place, or thing to be beaten down by some of the experiences of life, yet come back with the resolve to carry on to bigger and better things. But resilience isn’t only helpful in situations of adversity. How resilient you are can help you navigate everyday life situations with grace and ease.

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