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Ready to take it a step further? Our certificate programs can help you take your skills and experiences of resilience and lifelong learning to the next level. The five-course structure allows you to enhance your existing knowledge and nurture the interests that assist you in living closer to the truth of who you are in a bolder, more competent fashion. In affiliation with Casa Loma College, we have created several certificate options that will cultivate deeper levels of self-sustainability, resilience, and personal and professional mastery. 



Inter-professional Leadership

This program has been developed to meet the rising demand for interprofessional leadership and collaboration within the healthcare setting. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the critical necessity for professionals with the requisite competencies that enable them to “cooperate, collaborate, communicate, and integrate” effectively in acute response situations.

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Violence Prevention - Leadership and Management

LiveLifeResources is committed to cultivating the growing culture of Violence Preparedness and Prevention for individuals, families, and communities.  This certificate program includes opportunities to learn foundational skills in awareness and action in violence prevention. This program is perfect for individuals who are interested in playing a larger role in violence prevention in the workplace and community.

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Integrative Health and Wellness

How do people live well and what does it involve? How do individuals make sense of the various ideas and theories related to promoting & sustaining wellness? While science may assist in defining health, it is much more challenging to understand the human behavioral processes that underlie health and wellness and processes of sustainable change. Integrative health and wellness can be defined as the coordinated use of complementary and conventional approaches to health.

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