Emergence of vision begins first with major disruption to one’s personal, social, familial, or work life. Experiencing a disruptor, though difficult, often potentializes personal discovery and gives meaning and purpose to a personal change process. Disrupters temporarily destabilize routines, grab attention, instigate inquiry, and motivate decisions.

This 4-week bite-sized resource is one small portion from the course Behavioral Processes for Cultivating Resilience & Well-Being from our upcoming Integrative Health program. The first phase of cultivating resilience and wellbeing, from a personalizing wellness perspective begins with disruption. By exploring the disruption individuals are experiencing in their lives, they will engage the first part of this change process. This is an experiential course, one in which individuals will actively engage in a process of self-discovery, useable in cultivating resilience and well-being.

Instructor Biography: This course was designed by Kari Allen-Hammer, Ph.D. and is based on the work of a four-year graduate research process conducted as part of doctoral dissertation. The material for the course is based on just one small portion of her discovery. Dr. Kari Allen-Hammer will facilitate this bite-sized course and you will get specific and specialized support & instruction geared toward your needs while also being guided through a process that is based on an inductive, emergent, research process on the process of disruption as a catalyst for personal awakening.

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LiveLifeResources is working in partnership with Casa Loma College to offer relevant and targeted short courses to facilitate higher levels of resilience, health, and well-being. We’ve all been affected by the current coronavirus situation and many of us have found ourselves spending our day housebound due to layoff or social distancing. During these unprecedented times –we are providing a way for our college community to remain productive by learning new skills, discovering new interests, or learning something just for fun! For a small suggested donation of $25.00, our one, two, and four-week bite-sized course opportunities will open your world! If this fee is not workable – you can enjoy these courses at no cost to you by using

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.If you’re like most adults, every hour of the day seems chock-full of work responsibilities or family matters or the need to run errands, pay bills, do dishes, etc. It doesn’t feel like there’s much time for anything else, let alone for learning new skills and concepts. But have you tried bite-sized learning? Bite-sized learning focuses on a single topic, task, or learning objective at a time that can be easily learned without committing large amounts of time to train. Casa Loma College in partnership with LiveLife Resources recognizes that it can sometimes feel daunting to make long term commitments to change and growth – because what happens when you suddenly change your mind? What if the choice you’ve made is no longer as attractive as you previously imagined it would be? That’s why we’ve created Bite-Sized Learning. Short, simple, relevant courses targeted to a specific topic, skill or idea. Bite-sized learning delivers great quality and value at minimum cost!

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