This important Bite-Sized offering is tailored to give young adults and adults, particularly parents, an overview of the extensive problem of bullying in school and college.

Over a seven-day period, we take you through the statistics, the law, and the nature of the damage, immediate and long term, caused to the victims of bullying and to the bullies themselves.

Each day presents a new topic of exploration as we provide skills and strategies for victims of bullying, for parents dealing with a child who is a victim, and also to parents who may be faced with the unpalatable truth that their child is a bully.

Intentionally, we have approached this problem with the primary objective of facilitating resilience in individuals, families, and communities touched by the reality of bullying in all of its variations.

In addition to our Bite-Sized exploration of “traditional” bullying we will also address the ever-growing scourge of cyberbullying. Currently, there is a tsunami of online abuse and it feels incredibly relevant and important to facilitate ways that help parents recognise if their child might be a victim and equally importantly if their child is engaged in Cyberbullying and how to shut them down.

This Bite-Sized course is meant as an overview or exploratory opportunity, providing real strategies that can be quickly utilized. For a more comprehensive learning experience, please check out our course/workshops menu. 


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