In today‚Äôs world, there is no doubt that humans play a significant role in the health of the planet and vice versa. This course explores the foundations of that interconnection, providing an overview of perspectives and practices from various fields of environmental studies, permaculture, living systems science, deep ecology, and more, with the intention of providing direct experience of our reciprocal relationship.  

The harmony and balance of the planet are directly related to the harmony of our own MindBodySpirit. By cultivating a deeper relationship with the natural world, we, in turn, find balance and wellbeing within our own selves

Over the course of 8 weeks we will explore:

  • Foundational precepts of Permaculture and how they relate to self, society, and the natural world
  • Ways to enhance our connected awareness of and influence on the interdependent web of life
  • Our connection with time and ways in which we can establish a healthier relationship for wellbeing 
  • Our awareness of and relationship with "sense of place"
  • Kinship with other life forms
  • The Wilderness Effect 
  • Foundations of EcoPsychology
  • Biophilia as a practice of connection

Course Objectives: 

Through weekly meetings (live and recorded), readings, audio and visual resources, and activities/invitations, you will develop new knowledge and understanding of: 

  • The foundations of EcoPsychology
  • Concepts related to biophilia
  • The Wilderness Effect as a means of cultivating deep and meaningful reciprocity with the natural world
  • Awareness and exploration of "Sense of Place" 

Skills acquisition 

  • Somatic referencing as a means of enhancing focused attention on reciprocal healing of both nature and humans
  • Enhanced capacity for self-awareness and self-regulation 
  • Experiential cultivation of perception of an ecological self in partnership with the natural world
  • Embodied ritual as a means of cultivating kinship with other life forms.  

This course is a hybrid course, including live and online resources. Course delivery includes:

  • Weekly zoom calls
  • Discussion forums and chats
  • Experiential exercises and practices
  • Daily related Soundbytes
  • Audio and video resources
  • Access to learning materials and resources


To ensure the integrity of deep learning and personal transformation, space is limited to 12 people, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or go here for course registration.

Tuition for this 8-week hybrid course:

  • $350 (one-time full payment)
  • $400 (payment plan)