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Hooray us! We just applied for our first grant. What does a steaming pile of poo have going for it that makes it grant worthy, you ask? Well that steam means heat and if you can capture that heat, you’re off to a great start for creating a closed loop, zero waste heat system. We applied for the resources to build just exactly that for our chicken coops, greenhouses, and barn for next winter. Why not? We have the poop and bales of hay, with some other resources and effort, next winter we could be producing all the warmth we need without depending on electricity. Want to know more? Join us for a conversation on compost the first weekend in March. 

Regeneration is defined as the process of regenerating, restoring, or renewing. To identify something as ‘regenerative’ implies the ability to continue to restore and renew itself while also contributing to the regenerative potential of the wider system within which it exists.

Core principles of regenerative processing involve a ‘living systems’ perspective and recognize that a wider system is only as healthy as its unhealthiest member; much like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The interdependent process of regeneration includes everything from tiny bacteria cells to insects, trees, animals, and human beings, to cultures and societies, and the Earth as a whole. The health of each component enhances or impedes the health of all other components.

Recognizing this vital interplay, LLR’s Regenerative Well-Being Initiative has been developed to help people cultivate and engage in strategies for optimal health and wellness thereby enhancing their contribution to the vitality of the wider systems of society and the natural world.  

Participants in our Regenerative Well-Being Initiative are invited to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves from a holistic perspective inclusive of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Mastery in the domains of Mind, Body, and Spirit includes developing an authentic sense of self mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, cultivating a lifestyle that supports optimal physiological wellness, and nurturing an evolving awareness of multidimensional interconnectivity.


  • Learning opportunities for the development of healthy mental and emotional states and traits.
  • Cultivating an embodied experience of the intra and interpersonal competencies necessary for fostering and maintaining healthy and mutually beneficial lifestyle habits and practices.
  • Engendering the skills of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-mastery from a multidimensional perspective.
  • Developing an experiential and embodied understanding of optimal habits of feeding and nourishing all aspects of the self.

Why and What:

With the ever-increasing focus and dependence on the digital world and modern technology, we are at greater risk of disconnection from the aspects of ourselves that contribute to optimal well-being. Couple this daily reality with the social upheaval of recent years, pandemics, increased social aggression/violence, decrease in nutrient dense whole foods in the typical modern diet, higher levels of stress, and a multitude of other factors that contribute to disconnection and ill health and we have all the ingredients that contribute to what could be called “weakest link” syndrome.

We have created learning opportunities designed to enhance individual potential and their vital contribution to the social and natural world.

Regenerative Well-Being includes courses and learning opportunities within the realm of

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Dietary and Nutritional Resilience

Physical Fluidity, Strength, and Prowess

Spiritual Awareness and Interconnectivity