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Hooray us! We just applied for our first grant. What does a steaming pile of poo have going for it that makes it grant worthy, you ask? Well that steam means heat and if you can capture that heat, you’re off to a great start for creating a closed loop, zero waste heat system. We applied for the resources to build just exactly that for our chicken coops, greenhouses, and barn for next winter. Why not? We have the poop and bales of hay, with some other resources and effort, next winter we could be producing all the warmth we need without depending on electricity. Want to know more? Join us for a conversation on compost the first weekend in March. 

Natura Gratia translates as “The Grace of Nature”. 

The Natura Gratia Initiative is a series of courses designed to inspire deep relationship and intuitive communion with nature.  

We believe that when individuals are able to form deep relationship with the natural world, one that includes a holistic view of nature as an interrelated system one which humans are "part of" not apart from, it will result in a spontaneous sense of care for the planet and for the self. 

Our Natura Gratia program is grounded in a framework that includes perspectives from Deep Ecology, EcoPsychology, and Biophilia. We are inspired by the work of great educators, philosophers, and activists such as Joanna Macy, E.O. Wilson, Jane Goodall and more.

Our course list includes courses that can be mixed and matched in order to gain an embodied knowledge of environmental and ecological perspectives relevant to real-world endeavors. We have called upon our expertise as scholars, professionals, and lovers of the land to create an initiative designed to bridge the personal and the professional, preparing people for deep care and deep work in healing and protecting the natural world. 

These courses are offered online. They are each 8 weeks in length and instructor-led. They include experiential and didactic components for a robust and fully embodied experience. Individuals who participate in the Natural Gratia Initiative will also have the opportunity to attend specially designed retreats at The Center for Regenerative Living and Learning, The Living Landscape, and in the Wyyldwood

Course list: 


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