Our Emergent Leaders Initiative has been developed to address the growing need for individuals who are aware, responsive, and versatile in their ability to step forward when necessary. Situational awareness, critical thinking, an understanding of the dynamics of systems form the foundation of the emergent leader’s toolkit.  


  • Social and emotional learning opportunities for the development of characteristics necessary to synthesize information, think critically about it, and take wise and decisive action.
  • Cultivating an embodied experience of the dynamic quality of living systems
  • Engendering the skills of critical thinking, ethics, empathy, social/cultural awareness
  • Leadership and management-oriented learning opportunities

Why and What:

The need for emergent leaders in the shape of individuals who can situationally assess and synthesize information, critically think, respond effectively and immediately, is ever-growing. The multiple crises that have arisen over the past several years, both nationally and globally, are having a damaging impact on the lives and livelihoods of individuals and communities worldwide.   

The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with massive natural disasters, unprecedented levels of societal violence and aggression, and messages of impending climate devastation have succeeded in wreaking havoc on the well-being of individuals, families, and society at large. In many cases, creating such mental and emotional upheaval that it all but immobilizes the average individual’s ability to effectively respond when need arises.

The challenges of our modern time have demonstrated just how broken many of our systems of society are, with education, healthcare, and systems of social outreach, exhibiting incredibly fractured infrastructure. People are lacking the foundational tools and resources necessary to cultivate internal and external resilience and it is apparent that a crisis of another kind is quickly emerging. A crisis of disconnection, inertia, and apathy contributing to one of the greatest mental health emergencies of our modern time.  

While the world struggles to find ways to get our communities and society ‘back on track’ it is valuable to ask ourselves how we came to be in this overarching situation and what can we do to move towards more beneficial and sustainable ground.


At LLR we recognize that an integral component to handling crisis effectively and guiding society to ‘higher ground’ is that of effective and inspired leadership. We also recognize that the discussion of leadership and leadership training can become a slippery slope in the mainstream. It is not uncommon that the discussion of ‘good leadership’ practices becomes one of business and/or political enterprise, eventually encasing any emergent or dynamic potential in a pre-destined structure that may or may not be beneficial when applied to an active/living system.  

At LiveLifeResources, we feel the antidote to the current crises we are facing is the fostering of strategies in emergent responsiveness for the cultivation of health and resilience in individuals and society.

By developing opportunities for applied and embodied learning in concepts such as living systems theory, dynamic communication, situational awareness, critical thinking, and emergent change, we hope to expand the number of everyday individuals throughout our society that are able to emerge as leaders when a situation calls them forth.

Emergent Leaders can synthesize information, think critically about it, and take important action grounded in wisdom and confidence. Our Emergent Leaders Initiative focuses on providing resources and opportunities for learning skills that empower people to facilitate a multi-layered, relationship-centered approach to individual, group, organizational, and community dynamics.

For the past several years, LLR has had the opportunity to develop and deliver adult learning opportunities in emergent leadership at several colleges and organizations. It is our intention to continue the cultivation of emergent leaders for the good of society and the natural world.

To get involved with our Emergent Leadership Initiative This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign-up for a few of our courses.


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