The Virtues of Crying

We all do it. Whether we want to believe it or not, crying is part of our human experience. We cry when we're happy. We cry when we're sad. We cry when we cut onions. Biologically, we are designed to emit tears. According to research crying can mitigate tension (Geststein, 2011), rebalance nervous system proclivities (Nelson, 2005), and enhance internal well-being. 

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Emergent Cooperative Learning at Home

This precious moment is one not to be squandered needlessly.

As a family, we’re in the process of designing an emergent, cooperative learning strategy at home in response to the sudden opportunity we have to be home together due to the COVID-19 situation. So many families are doing their own version of this. At the moment our version, involves art, music, self-care, physical activity, and land-based learning. It is specific to what is right for us at this particular time.

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Following Nature’s Lead - Sustainability practices revealed one lesson at a time

Living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle begins with connection and relationships to the land. Don’t be afraid to let the lines blur between reality and imagination; often, that’s right where meaning emerges.

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Common Cause, Confidence & Community Cohesion

My background is not in teaching. It is in journalism and writing, a profession that has taken me around the globe and into harms way as I have been assigned to dangerous places ranging from the streeets of Belfast during ‘The Troubles’ through to conflicts in the Middle East.  Yes, I have given lectures but they have almost exclusively been about my chosen calling and again I used to volunteer to take a class in editorial writing at my childrens’ old high school but that’s the sum total of my teaching experience.

And so I was a little taken aback when Dr. Stephanie Shelburne asked me to teach an online Violence Prevention Programme.

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