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Hooray us! We just applied for our first grant. What does a steaming pile of poo have going for it that makes it grant worthy, you ask? Well that steam means heat and if you can capture that heat, you’re off to a great start for creating a closed loop, zero waste heat system. We applied for the resources to build just exactly that for our chicken coops, greenhouses, and barn for next winter. Why not? We have the poop and bales of hay, with some other resources and effort, next winter we could be producing all the warmth we need without depending on electricity. Want to know more? Join us for a conversation on compost the first weekend in March. 

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We Conduct Socially and Environmentally Beneficial Research

By conducting research grounded in human interest, behavior, and environmental reciprocity, LLR adds to the growing body of evidence-based literature concerning resilience and regenerative living. Our research includes exploration of mechanisms that contribute to the enhancement of individual and collective quality of life and environmental well-being.

In highlighting individual, social, and environmental processes, needs, and actions, we hope to provide nonpartisan, empirically supported data that will increase public understanding and inform local and national policymaking in the pursuit of individual, cultural, and planetary health and well-being.

LiveLifeResources utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to non-medical research, many of our studies occur in collaboration with partner institutions. Here for more information and research overview

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