LiveLifeResources (LLR) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization committed to socially beneficial research and advocacy. Our research aims to advance understanding and education of the traits and characteristics that contribute to resilience and other life-enhancing potential within individuals, families, and communities. 


To Provide research, education, and advocacy intended to empower individuals, families, and communities to become more resilient.


To be pioneers in providing socially beneficial, life-enhancing research, education, and advocacy for the traits and characteristics that contribute to both survival and transformative resilience in individuals, families, and communities. 

Why resilience? When something is resilient, it has the capacity to respond effectively or adjust easily to adversity or change. Resilient individuals contribute to resilient families and communities, which in turn contributes to a more resilient planet.


How We Fulfill Our Vision and Mission



We Conduct Research

By conducting research grounded in human interest and behavior, LLR adds to the growing body of evidence-based literature concerning resilience and the enhancement of quality of life. 

In highlighting individual and social processes, needs, and actions, we hope to provide nonpartisan, empirically supported data that will increase public understanding and inform local and national policymaking in the pursuit of health and well-being. 

LiveLifeResources utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to non-medical research, many of our studies occur in collaboration with partner institutions. Here for more information and research overview 

We Facilitate Active Learning 

Transformational change happens when individuals and communities have the opportunity to gather and apply new information. Through partnerships with like-intended professionals and organizations, we provide both in-person and online forums designed to engage participants in multidimensional learning opportunities focused on the enhancement of health and well-being and the cultivation of resilience. 

Our courses and trainings are available to individuals, organizations, and institutions and can be adapted to meet institutional requirements as needed.

We Advocate

The term Advocate, comes from the latin 'advocare' which can be translated as "to add a voice". At LLR we add our voices in support of the cultivation of resilience. We support other entities, individuals, and organizations in their pursuit of establishing more resilient traits and characteristics. Advocacy comes in all shapes and sizes. We advocate for resilience when we produce research and provide opportunity for active learning, but also when we provide assistance and support. 


Foundational Precepts


  1. Resilience is an organism’s ability to respond to and recover from destabilization or compressive stress.
  2. An organism’s ability to respond/recover is impacted by the relationship between internal and external influences. (Self and Environment)
  3. Homeodynamic response requires an individual/unique approach to the spectrum of stability/instability.
  4. Biodiversity and complexity are critical components of stability and vitality.


  1. Purpose and meaning are critical to perceptions of resilience (not only am I valued by my community but I add value)
  2. An Ethical/Moral compass is a vital component of authentic sustainability
  3. The spectrum of stability to instability is homeodynamic and in continual flux
  4. Response-ability is dependent upon dynamic attention and emergent readiness in the moment.
  5. The framework of Holism is a guiding mechanism for working with the essential relationships that influence an organism's perception of resilience (material, psychological, spiritual).
  6. Adversity and/or chaos are not always destructive and can at times stimulate movement towards vitality and sustainability.
  7. Given appropriate conditions an organism can utilize principles of self-organization to generate awareness, engage in effective response/recovery, and take transcendent action.
  8. Complexity contributes to stability and an organism's ability to thrive.


Awareness can be defined as “the quality or state of being Aware; knowledge and understanding that something is happening or that something exists” (Merriam-Webster, 2018). Awareness is multidimensional and can occur on multiple levels and layers simultaneously. We can be aware of our physical condition and surroundings in conjunction with our emotional and/or mental state or outlook. We can also be motivated to respond to our awareness from both conscious and subconscious thought and belief.

At LLR we believe that awareness plays an instrumental role in the establishment and development of resilience within individuals, groups, and communities. Awareness shapes how someone responds. The greater the level of awareness about self, other, and environment the greater the capacity for resilience.  As such, we’re committed to providing research, resources, and learning opportunities for the cultivation of the multidimensional properties of awareness.


With the cultivation of awareness comes the responsibility of action. We believe that as individuals, families, and communities cultivate multidimensional awareness, they increase their capacity for making proactive, life-enhancing choices and/or immediate and effective response. We conduct research and provide resources and learning opportunities developed to stimulate proactive, life-enhancing action, we hope to contribute to the development of resilience in individuals, families, and communities.


We are grateful for your donations! They support us in the delivery of our mission to help individuals, families, and communities become resilient.