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LiveLifeResources works in collaboration with other like-intended organizations dedicated to providing a collaborative hub for innovative research, education, and advocacy in the realms of lifestyle, health, and resilience for individuals and communities.



Examples of current collaborations: 

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UNC Foundation 

Currently, the soft technology education and research programs sponsored by the UNC Foundation fall under the program heading of:

Enhancement of Community and Individual Resilience, which operates as a joint collaboration with LifeWiseU and LiveLifeResources. The programs promote research and advocacy for the empowerment of people and communities in becoming more resilient through integrative approaches to food, nutrition, and lifestyle wellness.

Soft Technologies are concerned with human and social factors that facilitate human flexibility, encourage human initiatives, and emphasize human needs through research and education. 




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Sacred Well

The Sacred Well is an offering of community. A gathering place for learning and sharing, for storytelling and wisdom gathering, for witnessing and tending, for the holding of tears, laughter, and even the gnashing of teeth. 

Our workshops, courses, and programs are designed and developed by women, for women; offering the ease of online/virtual community and learning, coupled with the depth of residential gatherings throughout the year. 

Learning offerings are intended to cultivate personal/individual growth to enhance health and well-being as well as contribute to community cohesion and resilience. 




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Casa Loma College

Casa Loma College is dedicated to providing the highest standard of education, service, and excellence in the disciplines of allied health.

As a collaborative entity, LiveLifeResources works to provide development and delivery of content and programmatic offerings that not only enhance professional potential but also provide students with the framework required to participate in the creation of resilient organizations, institutions, and communities.

Through degreed programs, professional education, and adult learning, LLR and Casa Loma College work together to provide optimal educational opportunities for personal, professional, and community enhancement. 



Additionally, LLR provides research, educational resources, and informational hubs for organizations, institutions, and individuals committed to the cultivation of resilient communities through Health Advocacy.