Welcome to The Sacred Well Initiative

We are a learning initiative created to provide YOU with the ESSENTIAL tools for living a deep and meaningful life and unearthing the most sustainable, tuned in, switched on version of YOU possible. 

Who are we? Educators, doctors, coaches, researchers, therapists, and more from all over the world.. each committed to faciliting YOUR best self. Together we bring the ingredients for deep learning and transformation. We're committed to creating and facilitating containers of change that are informed by the most current and progressive science mixed with the art of deep inquiry. Can you feel the excitement? 


What is The Sacred Well Initiative?

At the Sacred Well we are inspired to resurrect the holistic learning environments of old. Our souls remember a time when learning was sacred and multidimensional. A time when we did more than just fill our heads with facts and figures, instead we embraced and embodied all aspects of knowledge and wisdom. As we acquired a deeper understanding of things we consulted the Cosmos for confirmation, being willing to spiral ever deeper into our questions and curiosity.  

“Initiative - the ability to act or generate change...that which begins”.

There was a time when we gathered on the stone steps of temples, in forest groves, and at sacred springs; gathered to hear, see, and feel new thoughts, ideas, ways of knowing, to deepen into ourselves not only for our own healing but the healing and balance of clan, community, and cosmos. Music, dance, cosmic wisdom, philosophy, ethics, math, sacred geometry, all aspects of the human condition and capacity flowed freely through the schools of wisdom. At the Sacred Well we are inviting you back to the steps of the temple, the groves of knowledge, and the sacred spring of wisdom and divination.

What can you learn at SWI?

We like to think that each of our courses has some aspect of wisdom teaching. Practical, functional, experiential, embodied, multi-sensory, each offering is created to guide you through deep self-inquiry and learning. 

What sets us apart?

In addition to being practitioners, intuitives, contemplatives and coaches; we are also scholars and academics. We are researchers, professors, instructors, facilitators, and educators. You can find us in Universities, Colleges, Studios, Classrooms; speaking at forums, advocating higher learning, and strategizing expert content. We understand scope of practice, diversity of learning styles, and specialize in creating engaging, empirically supported, and progressive curriculum that is accessible to your brain, body, and spirit. Combine that with innovative teaching methods that are personal, profound, and connect learners to themselves and their particular learning style and you have all the ingredients for deep and sustained transformation.

In a world where people can get “certified” for something in a weekend and call themselves an expert and just about anybody can hold out a shingle that says they are a leader, a coach, or an expert…we are really bringing a strong and authentic expertise to the forum. In addition to our lengthy credentials, between us we have decades of experience and wisdom as educators, mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, girls, and wise women. We are passionate about using them to educate, inform, and help women rediscover their authentic divinity. We are committed to teaching all of our offerings with love and authenticity.

What is our Mission Statement?

At The Sacred Well Initiative we are on the very lofty mission of reinventing academia and resurrecting wisdom teachings. We are using our diverse and extensive credentials and experience to develop extensive program offerings that are accessible multi-dimensional alternatives to the current ‘educational’ model; including the current standar model of healing and self-development. We are committed to using the most progressive research and scientific resources, coupled with deep, intuitive process, and plenty of heart, to create the highest quality programs and courses available in personal healing, growth and development.