The Wisdom in Your Bones

Together we will spend a Lunar Year Recovering, Reclaiming, Preserving, Protecting, Nourishing the Wisdom of the Ancestors - in particular YOUR Ancestors. Embrace Feral Wisdom as you explore your individual connection with the Indigenous Feminine. The Indigenous Feminine is that which naturally arises within us as women. 

Each of us is connected to a lineage of original women through the very fabric of our bones; wisdom speakers, gate keepers, priestesses, and warrior queens. Biologically, your mitochondria store the wisdom and memory of your matriarchal connection opening the doors to unearthing the truth of you as WOMBYN.

  • Indigenous - naturally occurring or originating from a particular place
  • Endogenous -  “we create our own environment” ~ R.W. Emerson
    • growing or produced by growth from deep tissue endogenous plant roots
    • caused by factors inside the organism or system suffered from endogenous depression endogenous business cycles.
    • produced or synthesized within the organism or system an endogenous hormone
  • Feral - in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.