Together we will spend a Lunar Year Recovering, Reclaiming, Preserving, Protecting, Nourishing the Wisdom of the Ancestors - in particular YOUR Ancestors. Embrace Feral Wisdom as you explore your individual connection with the Indigenous Feminine. The Indigenous Feminine is that which naturally arises within us as women. 

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In some ways it seems like stress has become a status symbol of sorts; a way of proving we have a full, active life. For those of you who want to get off the stress hamster wheel, it can be challenging to figure out where to begin. Grit 2 Grace will guide you through a total transformation of your relationship with stress. 

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Recalibrate, Reclaim, and Realign. There is no one-size fits all diet. You do not need to spend large amounts of money on expensive superfoods to be well. Cultivating a sustainable, biodiverse, and seasonally informed relationship with yourself and your environment is your true path to health and lasting well-being. So, how do you do that?