Researcher: Dr. 
Stephanie Shelburne; LiveLifeResources and UNCFoundation

Brief description: Research suggests that following a Traditional or Ancestrally Appropriate diet can contribute to nutritional health and overall well-being (Spreadbury, 2012). Recent studies indicate that issues of obesity and systemic inflammation may be eliminated with careful focus on appropriate traditional dietary choices. For many people of mixed heritage or living in highly urbanized areas it can be challenging to identify the most appropriate dietary options for their individual make-up.

This study is looking for individuals ages 18 and above to take part in a 120-day study investigating the influence of an ancestrally appropriate diet on their health and well-being. This study will take place through the LiveLifeResources Learning Management System so there will be no need to travel to an office or particular location. Participants will, with assistance, identify their most appropriate pre-modern, ancestral food choices and strategize and implement the most healthful and available options.

This study involves identifying genetic ancestry, filling out questionnaires, working with our team to identify and track most appropriate choices and strategies. Data will be compiled through the use of questionnaires and journals.

If interested, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.