My Best Life - 90 Days to Better Health

Eat, move, think your way to a better you...with the help of a food tribe! You are unique, why should you settle for one-size-fits-all approaches to health? We don't think you should.  MyBestLife is all about helping you get started with understanding your specific needs for wellness.

Once you decide to live your best life, you can begin creating strategies to transform, with a select group of cheerleaders and friends! Welcome to your best life. 

You’ll be supported by real time check-ins, conversations, and mini-coaching sessions. Each cohort is comprised of 8-10 women so that it can remain accessible and individual while also not breaking the bank. For $125 per month, for three months, you can be on your way to exploring what works best for you in the world of food and eating and lifestyle.

We will have conference calls, webinars, share recipes, tips, tricks, and tools for staying on track and getting creative. Together we will identify your specific metabolic needs and best nutrient intake.  The biggest benefit of this 90 day short course, is that you will be part of a food community committed to helping each other out.  Study after study demonstrates that when you do things with other people, you stand the chance of being more successful. If you have a friend who might be interested in fine tuning their health and well-being, even better!  Doing things with friends and family can be an even more enriching experience.

I feel excited to be able to help in way that doesn’t break your bank and gives you maximum opportunity for success!! 

This course will be facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Shelburne