8 Bites - An Exploration of Taste and Flavor

Let's face it, the reality is that for most people struggling with weight and health issues is that diets fail, weight returns, and the spiral to disease continues no matter how many books you buy and hours in the gym you spend...PERHAPS IT'S TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW?

If you're fed up and bored with counting calories and steps, spending countless hours in the gym, maybe a new relationship with food and eating is the answer. 8 Bites is a fun and progressive experience that takes you on an exciting palate inspiring inquiry of APPETITE, EATING, and WELL-BEING.

  • What is appetite?
  • How does cultivating and satisfying appetite play a role in individual health and happiness?
  • How many senses do you really have? 
  • How does sweet really taste? or sour, bitter, umami? 
  • What happens when you learn to taste and sense the world around you? 

8 Bites is an online investigation, lasting 8 weeks in length, designed to guide you into a deeper relationship with your senses and self. Each week focuses on a different sensory experience and is packed with new and interesting information including experiential activities, online discussions, and live video conferences. We will shop, cook, eat, and taste the world together. This is guaranteed to change your relationship to food and eating. 

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