• Violence Prevention and Resilience Study

    Awareness and Action: An Exploration of Violence Prevention Training and the Cultivation of Resilience Researchers:Alun Rees, Rex Shelburne, Stephanie Shelburne; LiveLifeResources and UNCFoundation Brief Description: There is a growing body of literature suggesting exposure to both interpersonal...

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Our three topic short course covers understanding and application of preventing violence on campus, in the workplace, and in public places. Participants will learn and practice how to cultivate increased personal and situational awareness, how to identify indicators of violence and engage in appropriate active response. Participants will also identify characteristics of resilience and practice incorporating tools and skills into daily life. This course complies with State of California and Federal regulations concerning violence prevention on campus and in healthcare facilities.

All courses are based on an 8 week online modular format. Each course can be personalized to groups, organizations, and institutions, while still maintaining the important integrity of the 8 week format. All online courses take place within our Learning Management System (LifeWiseU) so no travel is required. Depending on course selection, courses may include a live web-based component within at least one module. Requirements will be clearly identified upon course delivery.

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We're looking for volunteers just like you.

Volunteers and participants are needed to help us answer important questions about things that impact health, vitality, and resilient living.  Your participation will help add to the much-needed resources on resilience and improve the health of individuals, families, and ultimately communities.

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  • The Virtues of Sadness

    In the early 1990's a small handful of researchers and practitioners began questioning the inherent focus on pathology in the world of Psychology and Psychotherapy. Researchers like Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi argued the benefits of helping people focus on their strengths to create richer more...

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Human resilience is the ability to muster your inner resources in order to ‘bounce back’ from adversity.

It is that almost indefinable quality that allows a person, place, or thing to be beaten down by some of the experiences of life, yet come back with the resolve to carry on to bigger and better things.

Resilience has been defined as: ‘The process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress and bouncing back from difficult experiences.’ (APA, 2016).