“Earth my body. Water my blood. Air my breath. Fire my spirit.”

There was a time, in the not so distant past, on the spectrum of mankind’s existence, when it would not have seemed fanciful or unscientific to go to the wellspring for healing. A time when sitting by the fire, dreaming, singing, telling the story of your soul were all part of a deeper awareness of the sacred intelligence of all life and the pathway to balance and well-being.  

At Sacred Well, we recognize that what is essential to health; individual health, communal health, and the health of the planet, are the principles of holism, integration, connection, and deep inquiry.

Sacred Well is a research and learning institute. Educational offerings at Sacred Well and LLR, unless otherwise noted, are organized as case study, participant centric learning forums designed to provide expert guidance, wisdom, and experience as, you, the participant, create and cultivate your unique path to holistic health and wellness. The individual journey towards wellness, while unique, is fraught with global implications.

We  are committed to research that adheres to principles of holism. We approach the struture and concepts of Scientific Methodology with the awareness that the lens of the observer influences the outcome of any study. As such, it impossible to explore health and wellness through reductionist principles that do not include the heuristic experience of the participant in conjunction and connection with internal and external influences.