Honored to repost this article for Elder Mountain Dreaming. It gives me great pleasure to gather this wonderful information of the traditional Whispering Folk Healing rites from various sources and my own experiences as a Dreamer (shaman) along with my extensive whispering gifts, my ancestral lineages are from my families region of southeastern Poland at the Ukraine border. Most people learn shamanistic cultural ways from researchers, authors and conference circuit people who are wonderful writers and speakers.

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This morning I woke to the budding rays of sunlight glistening through ice crystals on my window. I lay snug in my bed as I marveled at the chilly harbinger of winter, frozen moisture weaving weblike patterns of rainbow prisms across the glass. Winter is well and truly on its way. I must admit I am one of those random people who love fall and winter. I love the stillness of the dark of the night and the opportunity for rejuvenation and deep nourishment. As I stirred myself from the warmth of my blankets, my gaze landed on a book of poems by Mary Oliver; A Thousand Mornings. Mary has long been a beacon for my heart and soul. I breathed deeply the crisp morning air and opened the pages. What would reveal itself for contemplation? Today...

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What does it mean to be brave...To have courage? 

I’ve been thinking a lot about courage and bravery; wondering what it means to be brave. I’m sure different people have different definitions, but as I search inside of myself I realize that to me being brave means being willing to listen and respond to that little truth bell that rings so clearly in my soul. We all have one of those bells, unfortunately it is way too easy in the world of distractions to pretend that we don’t. Being brave is hard and scary... I guess that’s why it takes courage.

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