Get ready to be inspired to salivate, savor, and celebrate your palate and your life...

enjoyfood8 Bites is a fun and progressive experience that takes you on an exciting, palate tempting inquiry of appetite, eating, and well-being. What is appetite? How does cultivating and satisfying appetite play a role in individual health and happiness? 8 Bites is an online investigation, lasting 8 weeks in length, designed to guide you deeper into a Sustainable You. Each week is packed with new and interesting information including experiential activities, online discussions, and live video conferences.

Why 8 Bites?   Did you know that after eating 8 bites of the same food your brain either tires or gets bored? In other words, the 'mmmm' factor wears off. If you keep eating the same food past bite 9 without paying attention, you go on auto-pilotYou are are now being propelled towards your next bite by the memory that the food tasted good rather than the true in the moment flavor experience. This simple biological phenomenon is a metaphor for how you live your life...and the basis of this class.  

8 Bites identifies that it's not just what you eat or how you eat that makes things like weight loss sustainable; it's how involved you are with what you are eating while you are eating itConscious Sensualism is the key. For instance, do you savor the sights, aromas, flavors and textures of your meal while eating? How often do you enjoy the sights, scents, textures of your daily experiences?In each class you will explore how pleasure impacts your life and vitality.

8 Bites will inspire you to salivate, savor, and celebrate your palate and your life.