Are you ready to experience a food awakening?

EatWellFrom cooking and eating as an act of love to how food travels through the body. Foodology 101 confirms the link between the table, your lifestyle, and sustainable happiness and well-being.

This engaging online course takes you on a fascinating exploration of the food. Food that comforts you, feeds your passions and desires, and food that inspires your creativity. In this course we look at food and eating as a compliment to a vibrant life and food and eating that becomes a problem. 

Did you know that researchers have come up with categories for eating styles that help identify someone's emotional processing style? Aggressive eaters tend to have high anxiety and fast eaters tend to have trouble with patience as well as little tolerance for arousal or anticipation. 

Foodology 101 breaks through myths and mysteries surrounding food and eating. Are certain foods and spices really aphrodisiacs?  Are all chocolates created equally? In a world where health facts are continually confusing, Foodology 101 will present fun and interesting evidence based information to help clear up the confusion.  

What's not to love about the palate pleasing potential of a food awakening??? Sign up now and get started on one more way to be a more Sustainable YOU.