Get ready to embrace a loveshift of epic proportions!!

Here's a crucial question you should be asking yourself right now-  

"Am I madly in love with my life and myself?" 

meditatingheartIf your answer is No then now is the perfect time for you to embrace a LoveShift of epic proportion! The LoveShift is about diving into the true you and learning how to create the life experiences that make your soul fly. You can start this deep and lasting transformation now by simply saying "Yes” and taking the first steps toward a LoveShift.

Are you READY to feel great, not just good? This 8 week crash course in self-love is not just about positive thinking or simplistic pep talks. It is about offering you a clear results oriented path to creating a LoveShiftwith results. Even more amazing? It's all online! Available to you in your own delicious surroundings. 

What do you get when you are madly in LOVE with your life and your Self?

        • Relationship mastery - with yourself, with others, and with the world. (no more crappy choices that make you feel stuck and unlovable)
    • To be your own Hero/Heroine. No more feeling like the world is running you. You get to run your world. 
    • More and more random moments of joy and delight in more places throughout your day
    • To feel alive and juicy in your physical body - more energy, more spark
    • Experience the empowering influence of "YES” on a daily basis.
    • Expand the possibilities for in your life beyond anything you can imagine. 

Say a full-bodied YES to:

    • Falling in love with yourself and your life

    • Choices that feed your Body, Mind and Soul for real

    • Prioritizing your authentic self

    • Knowing yourSELF inside and out

    • Opening your heart to magic and meaning

    • Liberating Self Expression

    • Lightening up and finding joy

Say a boundary setting NO to:

    • Playing small or hiding your magnificence

    • Self-doubt

    • Hate, blame, and judgement

    • People who don't serve or deserve you

    • Toxic habits, attitudes and beliefs that crush your spirit

    • Cheap fixes + "empty calorie” choices that give you a self-hate hangover

Warning! Shifting to radical self-love will change your reality inside and out.

Side effects of this program. You WILL feel more:

      • Happy
      • Connected
      • Open
      • Light
      • Confident
      • Inspired
      • Meaningful
      • Alive
      • Energetic

Joining the Love Revolution couldn't be any easier. We are so committed to helping you shine from the inside out that we did all the work for you. You choose the time and place that works with your busy schedule. All you have to do is log on and begin yourLoveShift journey!

This full spectrum experience includes:

  • 8 weeks of step by step material focusing on whole bodied self-love.

  • Weekly access to podcasts, experiential exercises, reading material and videos we created just for you.

  • Each week we will explore the art and science of self-love- Mind, Body and Spirit -with talks and readings on Transformational neurobiology, Psychology, and Philosophy...